As you grow older…

– as a girl –

As you get older

1. Society would make marriage a big the only deal for you

2. The constant you have in every conversation with your mum – and woe betide you, your dad – would be about your future husband

3. The only giggly conversation you would have with your best-friend’s mum, would be about the boys in your life who might be prospective husbands and how you can get them closer

4. A friend would call you every month about their wedding details and how you can get your aso-ebi ASAP!

5. Your other friends would call ranting about how they can’t believe the last person who called about aso-ebi is getting married!

6. You would start to accumulate dresses you might never wear again.

7. Your instagram timeline would  be filled with pictures with shiny diamonds and captions like “I/She said yes! (You might start getting sarcastic with thoughts like “Of course she did! *eyeroll*”)

8. Every new guy you meet would be run through a Is-he-marriage-worthy screening in your mind

9. Your boyfriend would start getting weary when you get too nice

10.Your 20-items-long checklist for Mr. Right would reduce to a humble 2- Must be God fearing and older than me. (Yes, not a single word of love right there)

As you get older, really, you realize that every one is on a different journey,, no one’s life determines how yours should be, and mostly that marriage is supposed to be for two people who love each other, not just another predetermined stage in everyone’s life.

With enough time, we all find what we’re looking for, even if it was there all along.

11 thoughts on “As you grow older…

  1. Lol. I love ya! But that sure wasn’t the only giggly conversation na.

    Me I wee sha give her this one to read. Just know you are in trouble once again.

  2. You’re soo right about everything on that list. Meanwhile the boys need to find jobs & make money…Oh the double standards..

  3. We will all find what we are looking for even if it was there all along…..that’s quite inspiring. Lol…..gosh I’m such a bad stalker.

    • Haha!
      Hi Stranger going on bestie,
      Your “So true” seems a little heart felt, care to shed more light? X_x

      Thank you for stopping by.
      Come back yeah, there’s the bestie slot to fight for :)

      • humble 2- Must be God fearing and older than me. (Yes, not a single word of love right there).. Hehe this is Very true.. A must read

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