If things get weird around here, I apologize in advance.

I signed up for WordPress’ Blogging University – just because. It’s a 14-day challenge titled Blogging 201: Branding, Growth, and Traffic. It’s supposed to help me define my blog’s brand, make sure I post effectively and consistently, make the most of my existing posts among other things. That’s hardly why I signed up.

I think  for the next fourteen days random topics are gonna be thrown at me and I’m supposed to work and unleash the creative genius in my inner mind to make a good post – I really do hope that’s what it is, ’cause that’s why I signed up.

I’m too much of a planned individual, I thought a little spontaneity would do me good, so, understand if my posts for the next two weeks have no bearing, are as boring as I am or just make no sense at all.

It’s for the greater good – so to speak

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