If I told you what I wanted the most, would you give it to me?
Or would you hold back and bask in the essence of having my most wanted?

If I told you my weaknesses, would you stand out to make me stand strong?
Or would you sit back and watch me fall?

If I said what keeps me up at night, would it make you strive to find me a lasting solution?
Or would you just hand me pills?

If I said… “Oh my life is such a mess!” would you agree?
Or would you list out many reasons I’m blessed?

What if I told you my big and lofty dreams to one day rule the world,
Would you laugh out loud?
Or would you hold my hand and say I’m on track?

If I bore my soul to you; to show you how many times I’ve fallen
Would it make you proud?
Or would you look the other way?

If I told you I put no thought to this and just got typing,
Would it make you look out for typos and misspells?
Or would you appreciate it even more?

If I said these are the reasons I don’t say half the things I wanted to,
Would you understand?
Or would you not?

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