Musings of a NEW 24 year old

Disclaimer: This does not apply to all 24 year olds and older, I mean, I’ve only been 24 for a few hours *shrug* Some sorta twisted note to self? Yeah, somewhat. 


  1. It’s your last year in the 18-24 demography, from next year, you’re going to start ticking the second line on all those many forms you’d be filling. How’s about making this year count?
  2. If you aren’t living your dreams by now, please what are you doing? No no no, Baz Luhrman’s Sunscreen message saying “Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life, the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t” does not apply. It simply DOES NOT! Solomon became king as a little child, ya too old auntee!
  3. WAKE UP! You see how you still think relationships are like tinko tinko, when you’re already going for all your friends’ omugwo… you had better start ensuring all your dates are close in proximity to Ikoyi registry. Silent reminders are hugely effective.
  4. I know, I know, you think disheveled hair is sexy. I’ll just break it to you – it’s not. It’s untidy. And why do you have to keep it tidy? The girls out there are not smiling, see point 3 again. 😀
  5. You see all those work outs you’ve only been having in your head and your timetable, you gattta start them now! Metabolism weel soon start slowing down and fat seeping in. Yes, ya now older!
  6. From now on, when anyone randomly asks your hobbies, you should say – with gusto –  “Cooking! Oh I love cooking!”. Grown women cook everything without breaking a sweat. Kinda. (When the kitchen is well ventilated)
  7. Be all sorts of sweet to yourself. All sorts. You want a getaway trip; save up for it and go! You want a fancy dinner at some top notch restaurant; grab your girlfriends (that’s what they’re there for!) or your boyfriend (Stay in the ladies till the cheque is paid), and go! You simply owe yourself your happiness, so never hold back on all the little things that stir it in.
  8. Family isn’t just everything, they’ll always be everything. Treat them that way.
  9. STOP STOP STOP cutting back on your me-time to do the most unimportant stuff. It annoys all of us in here. Solitude is bliss – E.V.E.R.Y.T.I.M.E. – signed, The Introvert.
  10. Outside cooking, find a real hobby or hobbies. However weird it is, it’s yours. No one can take it away. See, every girl has four primary needs –  God, an active hobby, a sound mind and friends with sound minds. These needs give you a life, basically. One worth living.
  11. Always get yourself a smashing birthday gift, every year. It’s a necessary. Makes keeping track of the years fun. I think.
  12. There are NO fairytales. There are pictures you paint, that may be fairytaly and you have to work towards with grit and faith. That’s the most you get where fairytales are concerned.
  13. Keep your words short and as bonds. If you won’t do it, don’t say it. As you get older, your words do too, and how you handle them is what you’d soon be known for.
  14. Never EVER lose your soul to this world in a quest to gain vanity.
  15. Pray everytime. When you’re pooping, eating, running, sleeping… EVERYTIME! Prayer is what your life hangs unto. Don’t ever forget that.
  16. No one is perfect, embrace the journey as we all try to figure it out.
  17. Don’t settle for a life less than the faintest picture your ever painted. Even the ones where you are at a Karaoke bar performing some crazy hit single and there’s a standing ovation when you’re done – don’t settle for singing to your self in the shower. -_-
  18. You should spend more time doing the chicken dance than sitting quietly in the corner. Wacky is you. You’d always be that way. Don’t let no one – and no age – take it away from you.
  19. Be grateful  and stay happy, it’s the secret to being forever young .
  20. We are 24!


22 Things

These are 22 things about me I have stumbled on in the last one year – in no particular order;

  1. I’m not half as sad as I imagine – you should be around me more often 😀
  2. I’m stubborn with my opinions, might take a bit to convince me – It’s a family thing x_x
  3. Probably ten times smarter than I usually tell myself #NoPrideIntended
  4. Best wardrobe items would be cute flats/sneakers, tight fitting pants, sweaters or t-shirts.
  5. I’m obsessed with my weight. Capable of being anorexic.
  6. I always knew Jeremiah 29:11, it’s had more meaning in my life this year.
  7. I’m such a faffer :( – I always get my work done in good time though. 😀
  8. I like food! I think I’m constantly forming “No, no, I don’t eat much!” Drop tha basin and go away buddie! You’ll meet it empty. x_x
  9. I’ve had really good people in my life. I’m grateful :)
  10. I’m not easy to please. I’m actually constantly saying “I’m so easy to please” and it’s true. It confuses me as well.
  11. I try too hard and too often to fix people’s lives, even when they don’t know or ask or probably don’t need it! And me the fixer, my life needs some crazy fixing o! :(
  12. I’m loving, very. :)
  13. My head isn’t so big after all
  14. If I spend more than a few days with my bestie; Tope, I’ll become alcoholic
  15. I might actually want to have and live a fairy-tale life – There’s hope
  16. Sia gets me
  17. I’m perceptive, very.
  18. Heart breaking/extremely emotional movies aren’t for me. I’d run out of them movies, wailing
  19. I love people who can unwind and be as silly as I am. S/O to Bisi, Tope, Nkechi and Yinka : )
  20. I’m a fast learner! Whoop!
  21. I probably get parboiled every time I take a shower :(
  22. I’m getting old *wailing* – my mum’s already marriage-nagging me

One final yogaselfie for the year 😉



It rained all-day on my birthday, last year. I kinda secretly hope it rains tomorrow.  I’ve always loved the rain (at least when I’m not all dressed up and under it). When I was much younger, I’d run behind my house in a swimsuit or just underwear, holding the closest instrument that could serve as a microphone; I’d sing and dance in the rain to my heart’s content and then I’d run in shivering. Those were “the days”. They made everything seem perfect even when things were literally falling apart. Things certainly change. Fast.

Turning 21 was the dream. At least for me. It had this air of “I’m NOW an adult. I now can make my decisions. And listen to NO. ONE!” Some other things never change. Things like parents being the people they’ve always been and being all up in your business, yes?

The last one year was swift? Pretty much, was full of all sort’o stuff too. Here are a few take-outs:

–          Life is basically unfair, there’s not much you can do about it except go with the flow.

–          Family is everything.  And all their quirks and anomalies eventually are the things that set them apart and make you smile on those odd days when you allow your thoughts trail.

–          At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks about you. You can never please everyone. And even when you try, it’s never really worth it. Just stay true to you and to what is important, there’s really not much to life.

–          Friends come and go. It’s up to you to keep them or not, distance or not.

–          We make our choices, and even when we regret them, we still made them *shrugs*

–          Trust is much deeper than we think.

–          Home is where the heart is. It is not a single place, it’s wherever love (and family) resides.

–          Families aren’t always biological, after our God given ones, we pick our family; don’t make a mess of it.

–          Simplicity and calmness. Two wonderful things every individual should exercise.

–          You can’t ever know anything till you take the first step

–          You don’t have to be alone to be lonely.

–          Rule #1 of life. Do what makes YOU happy.

Maybe the greatest lesson I’ve had in the last one year is learning to let go, breathe and just love. Let go of things that I don’t need anymore. Let go of things that do not work anymore. Let go of the negative emotions and of expectations. When you learn how to let go of the right things, you’ll learn to travel lighter, with less baggage. Then, you’ll have more space for new things, and possibly for the best things yet to come.

I know now where I want to be, and what I want to be. I’m going after that now.

She’s all I gat

The fondest memories I have of her are our early days. We’d go for summer holidays at our cousin’s. It was always the best part of our year. A house full of at least 12 kids with ages in a geometric sequence with a common ratio not less than 3.  We had crazy times then. At noon, when the power’s out and there’s little to do, we’d all gather in the living room. The chairs were arranged in a semi-circle. They’d put me in the middle and start to chant “Konko Konko Konko… ” with arms stretched out and bribes rolling out.

It was a game and we loved it. The rules of the game were simple. Run into the arms of the one you love the most. It was always the younger ones in the pack. I was the youngest and cutest. I was the centerpiece almost always and even then, making decisions were really tough. I’d hear “Konko, I’ll buy you Ice-cream” “Konko, wafers!” “Konko, I’m your only sister” That was her voice. *shrugs* She’s all I gat.

Growing up together was cruel. I always said I’d give anything to have an extra sibling. Our holidays just never seemed to align. I’d seat on the floor in her room and lay out the Monopoly board. I’d take out tokens for both of us and give us our allocated sums. They I’d set out to play the game alone. I’d say “Bisi play”  and then mimick her voice with a reply then play for her. Very creepy something. But I had and still have very little choices. She’s all I gat.

Somewhere along the line, I loathed her. Not ’cause I wanted to, but ’cause her life became a benchmark for mine. I never ever seemed to meet up and she never seemed to go off course so I could at least have a breather. It just always felt deliberate to me. Like she had it all figured out from time “I’ll be the maven, she’d be the unable apprentice” Those were dark times.  The good thing about time is it passes and important things today aren’t as important tomorrow. What’s that quote about connecting the dots from behind? Looking back, it made me better.

My sister’s taught me too many things. The most being the ability to faff and eat all sort’o junk love. There’s this great feeling knowing that come what may, there’s someone who’s been with you from the start, seen you in all your element and would still love you for you. That’s her. She’s all I gat.

Happy Birthday Bisi. I’m all you’ve gat too. Deal with it 😛