Eat. Pray. Love.

I’m sitting up with my laptop on my lap, my legs haphazardly tucked beneath a duvet on the double bed of a hotel room I’m lodged in for two nights, playing the clapping game.

The clapping game has me clapping loudly every 3-7 minutes in arithmetic progression. One clap. Silence. Two claps. Silence….

Thing is, I chose this day to be alone. I just wanted space, I craved it. And I got it. But now, there’s this stray cricket in my room who’s gone insane with the silence around here and is chirping loudly to make the environment livelier. But I do not want lively right now. I want still. As such, I cannot play loud music to deaden its chirping (which is irking me badly) out. I’ve settled for clapping intermittently. It’s working a little bit.

I like being alone a lot. As a matter of fact, much more than I thought. For someone as jovial as me, it’s quite alarming. But yeah, that’s that. I had planned this “holiday” (for lack of better words to describe it) a while ago. I simply wanted a place stay that had no one and would have me lazying around like a brat, reading and maybe just a tad of soul-searching. And it was all working out well, until this cricket thought to chirp.

I’ve been in bed all day, reading Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – hence the title – and it’s been a good day eating. reading. giggling. For every moment I’ve tried towards soul searching, I’ve dozed off for the next two hours. (That has happened twice) So, I’ve given up. My soul probably needs not be searched.

Last year was all sorts of things for me. Most of all it was such a rush. I basically saw everything and noticed nothing. I just didn’t get the time to. I had said at its beginning that resolutions were flawed, mantras were better. I stuck to “work hard, play hard, love hard”. I only worked hard in the whole year. Mantras are now flawed 😐

I have no exact direction with this. It was born out of my irritation with the chirping sound. It’s silent now, so I can go.

One last thing. This time off has taught me one thing:

There’s only a few things that can make you genuinely happy. Happy without feeling selfish, or having your conscience nag you into asking God for forgiveness. Just genuinely happy in that moment. In yourself. You should seek those things out and do them. All of life is but a dream and you’re entitled to enjoying every bit of it.

You’ve only got one life to live. Make it worth it.

Have a cheerful additional twelvemonth ahead.

Eat.Pray.Love. Giggle and Read too