Of Shining Stars and Perfectionist Tendencies

You know the best conversations? The ones that spring from the most trivial gists to happenings from old days.

The other best friend – Dami – called today because my sister made a “cameo” on Linda Ikeji’s blog,  That’s not even the gist.

Our classmate is getting married on the 31st of this month and with all the excitement that comes with preparing for a friend’s wedding, we’re yapping about plans for the day. So I ask  – with no intentions –  “What style are you sewing with your asoebi?”

And Dami says: “Sorry, I can’t tell you. You might steal my style, you know how you like being the shining star”



Covenant University, 2007

First Year


We were five friends; Tope, Moyin, Dami, Ajifa, and I. We sat together and did all class related things together.

On one of those Tuesdays, when we had a day of back to back lectures, we all – the entire class – turned up for ENG 101 late. It was one of our least favourite courses.

Dr. Ogbolugo walks in and says “Tear out a sheet of paper, we’re having your mid semester tests today”

Everyone, every single one, was in a state of panic saying stuff from “Jesus” to “Did you read?”/ scanning around to see if they were seated in a position where you can dub the brainy’s paper.

He says, “I’m going to dictate the questions, you’ll write your answers and submit immediately after I recite the last question”

We all shivered!

You see, all that was in my head was how I didn’t want to fail. I’m just there moping and begging God to help me write the paper cuz I didn’t want to fail anymore.

Dr. Ogbolugo recited the questions and we all scribbled as fast as possible. When the test was done, we filed out of class humble and quiet wondering what the tests would bring.

Someone finally broke the silence and said ‘You guys, how was it?”

To which we all replied with certainty “Worse test ever! I hope I get at least 4 of the 10”

Even I said that.

The tests results came back and as we got our scripts one after another and saw the bad scores we expected.

Till mine came :(

I got 7.

You see, when things like this happen, there’s no way to explain that perhaps it was the praying of your heart or God just chose you.


And not for that moment alone, for the rest of your time on earth!

They went on to call me a sly and many other names including shining star but also, it became the benchmark for trust. See examples below:

Me: Guys! I didn’t write anything in that exam.

Them: Yeah! We know, we’ll just wait till we see the A

Them: What are you doing?

Me: Ironing.

*They come around*

Them: But this dress is smooth na, is it until it looks brand new?

Them: Have you done your Oyero’s 4-paged assignment?

Me: Yes

Them: How many pages? Ten abi?

And even to aso ebi, Dami is still doing it!

I can’t even cry!


She’s all I gat

The fondest memories I have of her are our early days. We’d go for summer holidays at our cousin’s. It was always the best part of our year. A house full of at least 12 kids with ages in a geometric sequence with a common ratio not less than 3.  We had crazy times then. At noon, when the power’s out and there’s little to do, we’d all gather in the living room. The chairs were arranged in a semi-circle. They’d put me in the middle and start to chant “Konko Konko Konko… ” with arms stretched out and bribes rolling out.

It was a game and we loved it. The rules of the game were simple. Run into the arms of the one you love the most. It was always the younger ones in the pack. I was the youngest and cutest. I was the centerpiece almost always and even then, making decisions were really tough. I’d hear “Konko, I’ll buy you Ice-cream” “Konko, wafers!” “Konko, I’m your only sister” That was her voice. *shrugs* She’s all I gat.

Growing up together was cruel. I always said I’d give anything to have an extra sibling. Our holidays just never seemed to align. I’d seat on the floor in her room and lay out the Monopoly board. I’d take out tokens for both of us and give us our allocated sums. They I’d set out to play the game alone. I’d say “Bisi play”  and then mimick her voice with a reply then play for her. Very creepy something. But I had and still have very little choices. She’s all I gat.

Somewhere along the line, I loathed her. Not ’cause I wanted to, but ’cause her life became a benchmark for mine. I never ever seemed to meet up and she never seemed to go off course so I could at least have a breather. It just always felt deliberate to me. Like she had it all figured out from time “I’ll be the maven, she’d be the unable apprentice” Those were dark times.  The good thing about time is it passes and important things today aren’t as important tomorrow. What’s that quote about connecting the dots from behind? Looking back, it made me better.

My sister’s taught me too many things. The most being the ability to faff and eat all sort’o junk love. There’s this great feeling knowing that come what may, there’s someone who’s been with you from the start, seen you in all your element and would still love you for you. That’s her. She’s all I gat.

Happy Birthday Bisi. I’m all you’ve gat too. Deal with it 😛