Definitely the fourth.


Today is one of those days when the reins of the number of things I get to cover with work and how my day goes belongs to anyone but me.

After concluding my first meeting – the only detail that worked as planned – the fire alarm goes off and we’re immediately told to evacuate the building and stand on the other side of the road.

That took forty five whole minutes.

After I’m back in my chair, I get an email from the company we leased our office space from; saying an end of the year thingy has been planned for all their clients and organized a bus to take us to the location. My colleague – who should deal with this with me – isn’t in today, so I had to go alone.

Problems are:

1. I’m clad in a mickey mouse t-shirt and brown pants, totally unfit for anything really, but I HAVE to go.

2. I stick out like a sore thumb when I’m alone in a gathering. Don’t do good with mixing and stuff, because, mickey mouse-tshirt-wearing-aunty-is-shy.

So, I’m seated alone at the far corner of the round table, looking ahead and praying it all ends as fast as possible.

In all of this, there’s this guy,  he keeps giving me the eye and I don’t know why!

Weird stuff.

When we’re on the way back, he comes over and sits beside me in the bus and we start talking. He’s enthusiastic and saying all the funny things and it’s so cool.

Then suddenly he asks what university I finished from and what year. Then I say. And he says he went to CU as well, and he’s sister was in my set.

I ask for her name. And Dom. Dom. Dom.

She’s my cousin!

I’m like we’re cousins! – And no, I do not mean those cousins that originate from being from the same village or being neighbours from birth. His mum and my dad are related, somehow.

He’s like “huh”

Then I explain the connection – to the best of my knowledge – pointing out mutual family ties to him and he sits there between disappointment and amusement.

So we’re seated there, for a long silent while – except he said wow and dammit twice each – wondering.

Very awkward moment, I say.

Note to self:

Know your cousins. And your cousin’s cousins. And your father’s brother’s daughter’s baby’s pet as well.

This is how incest happens!

*Cue in African mother’s voice; you cannot marry her, it’s an abomination! Incest! Tufiakwa!!!*

*Fade out*