The Valentine’s Situation

Boy and Girl


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(Boy) and (Girl) are alone

(Boy) and (Girl) try not to be bothered, it’s only Valentine’s afterall

(Boy) and (Girl) are actually a tiny bit bothered


Boy meets girl

Boy wants to impress girl

Boy goes overboard


Boy gets girl

Boy and girl are in love

Boy and girl go overboard


Boy and girl are crazy in love

Boy and girl constantly have a straight face

Boy and girl never acknowledge Valentine’s


Boy and girl are official

Boy has stopped trying

Girl goes overboard


Boy and girl have been together a while

Everything is “norms” now

They say “Val’s is for kids”

Supposed-to-be Current Situation (In Nigeria)

Boy and girl “wantu” try

Everything is still “norms” man

Boy and girl thought they would call each other to say “Happy Valentine’s BAE, Vote with love”

But alas! Jega shifted dates for elections

Now Boy and Girl have to figure out stuff.


Let me know where you fall in at the end of today. :)

Happy Valentine’s guys.

Of chocolates, roses… and love

Typical me would be here today, yapping about how love should be true.
Speaking of chivalry and how unless it’s mad passionate extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time.
That would be typical me.
I ain’t typical anymore. I ain’t saying any of those.

Love is yours. Own it.
And, have a happy overrated day.