Come, nigh unto me
Let’s take a walk down the path
Our fingers interlocked
Looking to the clear grey sky

Breathe, the scent that can only be mine
Your nose nuzzling my neck
As I watch the stars light up the sky

Sit, in the warmth of the sand with me
Crooning old tunes
Arguing on the lyrics
Laughing till our bellies hurt

Let’s run across the road carelessly
Angry blaring horns screaming out sanity
We’re unafraid to die
Holding on to life

We’ll write a story together
Filled with our dreams and aspirations
We’ll draw them on the sand
And watch the wind blow them away

Let’s trade our souls for one more day
Clinging to the euphoria of our togetherness
Greedy enough to want it to last forever

Then, Let’s break apart
Clutching these memories to our hearts
Knowing they cannot be re-lived
‘Cause life can only be this ecstatic when it’s between us.