Things Change


A bright-eyed 6 year old walks into a room full of adults. With a cheerful smile,she greets politely.
Her parents are beaming with pride, their friends are looking with admiration.

One of them calls her to come closer.

Let’s name her ‘Debo.

Adult: ‘Debo, you’re such a big girl now, how’s school
‘Debo: School is fine, aunty. I’m learning lots of stuff everyday.
Adult 2: What do you want to be in future?
‘Debo: *with so much excitement* I want to be a doctor
Parents: LOL!
Mummy: I think you’ll be a lawyer
Daddy: Nah! An engineer

*Everyone laughs together, ‘Debo tra-la-las away*


A sulking 6 year old walks into a room full of adults. With uninterested eyes, she says a hasty hello and runs to her mum.

Let’s name her Tosin.

Tosin: Mummy please can I play with your ipad?
Mum: Not till you greet aunty and uncle properly
*Uncle and aunty fake laugh, Tosin grudgingly walks there*
Tosin: Good afternoon, uncle and aunty
Uncle: How are you my dear?
Tosin: I’m fine :)
Aunty: School is great?
Tosin: Yes
Aunty: You know what you want to be in future yet?
Tosin: *giggles nervously* I’m not sure yet. Maybe a musician or a blogger
Parents: Hahaha! She already knows so much.

Things change brethren, things change. Ask Linda.