Why the world is skewed

    • While we struggle with our daily lives – work, relationships, family, life! – we portray pieces of perfection only. Depicting each day like it was straight out of a cookie jar.
    • We spend a little too much time perusing unnecessary details about other people’s lives on the Internet. Thanks Mark.
    • We indulge, everyday, biting at tiny bits around the edges of disaster. Only after we’ve nibbled halfway into the pie and see tragedy looming, we set out – obviously too late – to make amends.
    • We spend too little time thinking and all the time talking.
    • Better yet, we say things we really haven’t thought through.
    • We live in the present and selectively forget the past, and the people in it, and the blessings they brought, and the joy they shared.
    • We are so carried away with proving unnecessary points, everything loses value.
    • We say things we do not mean. Make promises we would not keep. Take commitments we would not carry through.
    • The objects of our desires are usually the ones with huge stop signs ahead. We move towards it any way.
    • We kill cockroaches without realising they have a life, a dream and a family too.
    • Better yet, we just don’t care enough.

The world is skewed, because you and I make it that way.